CV: Assorted Gigs

As you are about to see, I truly excelled at tasks of ever increasing sophistication and responsibility over the years of climbing up the career ladder (before or apart from the full-time relevant experience).

1993. I think this is when I got my first hard-earned cash by translating (Romanian into English) and subtitling a documentary. The currency I was paid in doesn't exist any longer. See how it says "cupon" (coupon)? That's when Moldova got independent but didn't have enough money to print its own money, they printed these monopoly banknotes. I got paid ten of those.

1994. Sporadic English tutoring gigs.

1995-1996. A year in Kentucky saw me working as a stables hygeine executive (scooping horse poop on a farm) and later as a dish washer at a family restaurant. The dishwashing gig, in the hindsight, was one of my best jobs ever. Nothing beats a warm place that smells like good food. People who worked there were either pretty high school students or members of the local intelligentsia (we had a journalist cutting up salad, for example) with nothing better to do. At the end, they threw a nice retirement party and handed me a huge bunch of balloons. Priceless.

1996-1997. First "serious" job as a research assistant to a history prof in college transcribing taped interviews with American socialists. These interviews were later published in The Communist Party in Maryland, 1917-57.

Summer of 1997. Counselor at a summer camp, looking over and entertaining a bunch of 12-13 year-old kids. Got a congratulatory pie for desinging a day-long massively multiplayer (about 200 people ages 8-16) outdoor war game that involved cache-hunting and shooting water guns.

1997-1998. More research assistanships and now also a resident assistant (RA) at a dorm that had been a Party (as in Communist Party) resort in the past. Very little direct cash value, but free room and board made it the best-paying job at the university. A suicide prevention training as a bragging-rights bonus.

Summer of 1998. Bringing down the world's borders from the control room of the World Federalist Association in D.C. (their website at is now something else). When making the world a better place failed to prove lucrative enough to pay the Dupont Circle rent, I took up a telemarketing gig (urgh), attempted a career as a time-share salesman, and worked at the dissemination department (gotta love the name) at a certain controversial religious organization.

1998-1999. More research jobs, this time for the political science department. Moved to RA a different dorm, another rebuilt Party hideout. Start of the media career - first wrote for and then managed a student newspaper called Vox that had a tomato for logo. It also was the only newspaper on campus that was not given away for free and ran ads by city businesses. Entirely self-sustainable, it was later converted into a life-style magazine.

Summer of 1999.
The CV-building summer with a marketing internship at Procter & Gamble Balkans.

1999-2000. Vox, research and RA-ing, plus FlashNews, a student news weekly distributed by email. Started on my own with the first September issue; finished the year with some 15 people on the team. Some ads, but mostly power brokering. Seven years later, FlashNews is still doing well (although badly needs to have its website redesigned).

2000-2003. A full time job with Netage and almost no other gigs apart from random freelance writing, mostly for Sofia Echo, an expat newspaper.

Fall of 2003. A three-month stint as a reporter for Reuters Bulgaria. Had to cover all sorts of government functions. Wasn't good at it and was relieved when we parted ways after the trial period. Mark this as a learning experience.

First half of 2004. Another full-time job, this time with Grey Sofia, a local branch of the famous ad agency. No side gigs.

2004-2005. Ah, a student again. Began working at the dorm's reception desk and was promoted to the Desk Captain (no, seriously) after one term. Worked for two years at the MIT's skating rink as a skate guard and rental guy. Began blogging in October 2004.

Summer of 2005. Intern at Fallon doing interactive strategy.

2005-2006. Desk and skating rink, teaching assistant, Convergence Culture Consortium, some freelance consulting. More blogging with nice AdSense revenue.

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