AUBG Links

I haven't seen any collection to AUBG-related sources before, so here. If you want to add something to the collection, comment to this post and I'll update it. Add your personal sites and blogs, too.

  • AUBG main site - drop me a line if you know a direct link to image gallery.
  • AUBG alumni site - I actually worked on this site six years ago. Now dead and needs redesign, but has some useful contact info. Don't try with Firefox.
  • Alumni Board discussion group - a Yahoo group for discussing alumni business by the board of directors, open to public. Weed out interesting stuff out of heaps of spam.
  • AUBG forum - not terribly official, but this is the online hangout place for the students.
  • An old multimedia tour of AUBG. Easter Egg: there's a picture of my Hilltop bed there, thanks to Borce.
  • Archived version of AUBG site circa 1998 from


Yahoo Groups:

Most Yahoo groups related to AUBG can be found here. The largest and the most active are:

Social networking:

Image search results for "AUBG" - a time-killer but not very exciting since the results repeat:


Anonymous said...
nice flash with a lot of pictures. you might see some familiar faces there. hell, you can even see Jill on one picture!
nice blagoevgrad pics


p.s. vedrashko, kogda sam na frappr poyavishsya?

Anonymous said...

holy shit, check THIS out!


Ilya Vedrashko said...

Хаха, я булика фотки видел уже. Остальное добавил. На фраппр зайду, как фоту подходящую подберу :)

Sgt. Ukagi said...

Thanks for linking the AUBG Forum! Good job on creating such a nice list of AUBG related links!

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