What Should We Make?


When you can make almost anything, how do you know what to make?

A Havas study found that “84% of people expect brands to produce content. Yet 60% said the content brands currently create is poor, irrelevant, or fails to deliver”.

How do you do better that that?

Start with clearing the hurdles of Possible, Desirable, and Effective.

Possible. Can we do it? Do we have the right expertise, the organizational will and resources, is what we want to do within the limits of what's on-brand, and is it legal?

Desirable. Do people want it? Will it make their day a little better? Will it make them feel anything? Is it about them, too, or is it only about you?

Effective. Not everything you can make will work equally hard to further your business goals. What will people remember about your brand and for how long will the memory last?