Hello, World!

Skating away from the puck.

Skating away from the puck.

Every Kiss Begins with Kay, and every blog begins with "Hello, World!"  Nobody ever reads it (present company excluded, obviously), but it feels weird to just start jamming without tipping your hat first.  

So: hello, world!

Between 2004 and 2011, I wrote the Advertising Lab  blog about technology and the future of the industry. I spotted a few things right: I wrote about the iPhone and the dangers of showrooming back in 2008, for example.  Over time, the blog grew to 50,000 subscribers. 

Eventually, I've come to realize that the most interesting thing about technology are people and everything that makes them human. The future has lost its appeal, too. It began to feel as if talking about tomorrow was a way to avoid having to deal with today.  If everyone skates to where the puck is going, who will be left minding the puck now?  

Advertising Lab came to a stop, and I spent the next few years getting an insights department off the ground and doing experiments

But I have always wanted to come back. Blogging is contemplative. In a way, it is more social than, say, Twitter; I still feel a sense of connection to people I internet-met a decade ago on their blogs and mine. 

Plus, blogging is like vinyl — it just sounds better.