Know What People Want, and Make Things That Matter

Most products don't fail because they are hated. They fail because they get friend-zoned.

Companies spend a lot of effort and money on being well-liked.  But being likable is not enough. The road to business hell is paved with the fully featured and well-liked products that no one wanted.   "Failed to find a product-market fit" is what their tombstones say.

Our desires move us, they give our life direction and meaning. We do what we want, and we buy what we want. We are what we want.

And yet, as an industry, we don't ask people what they want often enough. There are no "psychology of desire" academic programs. No Chief Desire Officers. We survey people about their goals, tasks, needs, preferences, values, beliefs, and habits. But desire is a dirty word. Wanting is taboo.

I study what people want.

In my research, I show the human side of those who we often know only as consumers and users, patients and visitors, guests and subscribers, viewers and passengers.  I reveal their memories and daydreams, desires and fears, thoughts and feelings, life goals and shopping lists.   

Then, I use this knowledge to help companies make and market things people want. 



1// Product Blueprint

Make Things
People Want

Who are your next customers? What drives them? How do they pursue their goals? What is important to them? How are they different from one another? 

Product Blueprint research maps a path to consumers' heart and provides a foundation for informed product design, feature set, pricing, and segmentation. 

2// Brand Compass

Build Brands
That Matter

Strong brands are based on four pillars: an understanding of the customer, a commitment to solving the right problem, a promise that lifts you above your competition, and a memorable expression. 

Brand Compass research delivers a guide to developing a complete brand system. 

3// Creative Palette

Create Ads
That Move

Good advertising makes people sit up and remember the ad.  Great advertising make people get up and remember the brand.  Great advertising drives people to action.

Creative Palette identifies advertising themes and elements that will help the brand break through the clutter and imprint the brand in viewers' minds.

4// Content Arc

Tell Stories
That Stick

Make content people want, not content they are supposed to want.  Your content is a product, too, and its success follows the same rules. 

Content Arc research helps you build your business with content the right people will read, watch, and pass along.


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