Kind Words

These are excerpts from real, unsolicited emails from senior executives on my team's work.


"Jesus. This is amazing and terrifying."
"My jaw almost dropped open.  We stayed at budget?"


"Wanted to pass on to you that I had a very positive, encouraging experience last week giving a true test to our new planning philosophy and brief.  

The net result was one of the most energizing and affirming presentations in which I’ve participated in many months.  I literally witnessed on the spot a shift in the way the organization thought about why they’ve struggled so mightily to get the medical community to embrace their incontrovertible evidence."

"This report was prepared by a talented team. It is like no other and well worth reading."

"Thank you for working so quickly on this.  Greatly appreciate your partnership."

"Amazing job in very, very little time.  Thanks to you and your fabulous team!"
"This is GREAT!!! Really helpful and confirms a lot of what we expected people would feel.  Leads me to want to do a lot more research!!!"
" Nice job my man. Really good stuff."

"Many thanks for the great insights, led to some great ideas today. Really appreciate the turnaround here, THANK YOU!!"

"Thank you for the very smart work and super quick turnaround! Very impressive, as always."
"Outstanding work guys! I know how much effort and insane logistics went into this. The resulting video will definitely help spawn conversation at the event, no doubt."
"Nice piece, Ilya, well done!
PS Loved the photo…"
"That was awesome. So smart, and just such a good presentation. I was just saying to my team, I don't know anyone else who could use the tooth fairy to perfectly explain what's wrong with how 90% of marketing is typically thought about and budgeted for."
"Well done, ilya – Oh… AdAge, you managed to spell ilya's name correctly, while F@%&ing up Hill Holliday – lol."
"Just to say it again:  I LOVE this brief....awesome work."


"Wow, guys. Really incredible job thinking this through and bringing it to life. Really, REALLY awesome."
"You are a very user friendly person.  Thank you."

"Hi everyone;
Just to let you know, the presentation was a big hit today – Amex, Estee Lauder and Coke are just three of the brands who complimented us / asked for the research."
"It's is fantastic! A perfect blend of useful & entertaining."
"Also, wanted to say thanks to you for all your help throughout the campaign! The clients demanded a lot, very quickly, and you and your team hit it out of the park."
"Another gem from your seemingly infinite box of tricks.
"Just wanted to let you know that the clients LOVED the infographic. So much so that they are having us create a large board and laminated leave behinds of it for their executive team meeting this week. Extending a big thanks to you all for your help with creating such an elegant (and meaningful) snapshot of our campaign success."

"This is great... insightful, simple + clear presentation, great results."

"This is awesome.  I love how it’s designed with graphs next to data – more dashboard-ey.  It’s easy to read and its insightful at the same time.  Well done."

"These decks are FANTASTIC!  So much insight in an area where so little is traditionally found."

"You have two stars in Graham Ritchie and Ilya Vedrashko!  They couldn’t have been nicer and came to the meeting prepared with great questions – probing but sensitive – and just enough so Father was thrilled with their approach."
"Wow.  Encyclopedic! "

"I agree. Let's not spend the money, although Ilya, it's amazing to know that you can pull something like this together so quickly."

Sent from my smartphone"

"Just wanted to drop a quick line to say that I love the risk-assessment piece.  Brilliant in concept and design."