Brand Strategy Research


Stated and implicit preference tests tell us whether consumers will choose your brand over competitors under a variety of circumstances. We evaluate the relative strength of brands in the competitive set using a set of standard questions as well as using an experimental set-up borrowed from psychology research.

Brand-price trade-off analysis - we evaluate brand preference at each in a series of increasing price points to understand the implied relative value of different brands.

Brand tracking - we monitor changes in key brand indicators by fielding periodic surveys and combining the results with social data. 

Brand association test - we map the networks of mental associations with your and competitors' brands using a mix of techniques such as metaphor elicitation and correspondence analysis. The test tells us whether people associate your brand with wrong or negative concepts.

Recognition / misattribution test - we run a test that involves showing respondents elements of brand identity that are incomplete or blurry and asking them what brand each each element belongs to. The test tells us whether any parts of brand identity are not widely recognized or are attributed to a wrong brand. 

Social reputation analysis - we mine social data to understand how your brand's reputation compares to competitors along different dimensions.   


Content Strategy Research

Competitive analysis - we collect your competitors' content, look for patterns, and reverse-engineer their strategy.

Effectiveness testing - we use our own testing methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of your actual content and content ideas, as well as competitors' output.

Interest graph analysis - we select a sample of social media users who fit a target profile, and analyze who they follow, who influences them, and what content they pass along.  

Keyword survey - we conduct a specially designed survey to understand what keywords your target audience members would use to find your content.

Audience segmentation, profiling, and personas - we use a mix of methods to identify the most prominent audience segments, and bring them to life in a way that helps focus creative efforts.